Posted on 13-02-2012
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… When its a helicopter…!

So I purchased Lego set 6912 [for myself 'cause I love Lego - who doesn't] and quickly realised that the main model – the plane resembles a Panavia Tornado GR4 – tell me that it doesn’t:


The resemblance is uncanny:

  • Same nose / nosecone
  • Wings (Lego is in the cruise position)
  • Undercarriage (and position)
  • Air intakes
  • Engine & exhaust configuration
  • Canopy
  • Tailplane
  • And in my version, drop-tanks and Amraam missiles

Now compare the secondary model:

I know what you’re are thinking – “by golly, its a Hughes / McDonell Douglas AH-64 Apache Gunship” [and with the help of a big round brick, you also get the Apache Longbow]

Whilst this is of no obvious use to most, this shall be of major significance to the UK’s armed forces who currently operate both – remember, next time you are in a sticky-wicket, a quick re-configuration here and there and you can severely alter your mode of transport though saying this, it is only likely to be effective if you have a Royal Navy field-gun team to carry-out the configuration at speed as these guys could pretty much dismantle your car and post it through your letter-box in under 30 mins.

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