Posted on 19-08-2011
Filed Under (Random Musings) by Steve

Just a quick post rather more of a pointer but I have often found this – not that I always find myself in this predicament but ever notice how difficult it is to wee on a train?

And by wee on a train I actually mean by using the public conveniences – the fact remains that to do so when standing up is virtually impossible and leaves one feeling as though they are completely and utterly sozzled!

This is actually brilliant if you are someone like me; it means that I can park my car at the station (I do live 8 miles away), go to London for a night out, remain on the Robinsons (Apple and Blackberry) and still drive home completely sober safe in the knowledge that for 45 mins I can feel completely hammered and the best bit of this means… No hangover the next morning woohoo!

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