Posted on 19-11-2007
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Pip and I went to a murder mystery night at the Talbot Hotel on Saturday night and I have to admit, whilst it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, it was a most enjoyable night * I even got to sit next to the nice blonde who didn’t actually end of dead – though her pig of a fiancé did.
The food I have to say was absolutely amazing – I had the most scrumptious lamb shank and Pip Thai Green Curry (odd for the 13th Century I know) and we were just tucking into dessert (rhubarb and custard) when the victim (who was sitting right opposite me) re-entered the room and promptly died complete with a gush of blood from the mouth – oddly enough, Pip and were no longer interested in the dessert.

Since it was only an evening jobby, all the action took place over dinner so we didn’t get to march all over the place of a pseudo-cluedo type game but I have noticed that the company responsible Murder Incorporated Ltd do hold weekend events where such movement does follow.

Whilst we had to guess the murder and why, we never got to choose how which in my view would have increased it much more.

On the whole 8/10 – an enjoyable night and would certainly partake in a future event

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